A group of malaysians enjoying studying financial literacy

EduPrize: Empowering Young Malaysians to thrive financially, today and tomorrow.

Welcome to Edu Prize - a pioneer in financial education for Malaysians. We are driven by a passion for improving the financial well-being of our fellow citizens, championing financial literacy and responsibility across the country.

Our story begins with a simple vision: to give every Malaysian the knowledge and tools they need to confidently navigate their financial journey. In an age where personal finance can seem complex and overwhelming, we are here to simplify, guide, and empower.

At Edu Prize, we believe in the transformative power of financial education. Our team is dedicated to helping Malaysians save, manage their finances, and plan for a sustainable future. We are committed to bringing financial literacy to the forefront of education, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their money.

From building a strong savings habit to planning for retirement, we offer practical advice, resources, and support. We're here to demystify finance, make financial planning accessible, and support Malaysians in achieving their financial goals.

But it doesn't stop at education. In a world where financial scams are increasingly prevalent, protecting our citizens is a top priority. We educate Malaysians about potential fraud, scams, and risks, teaching people how to safeguard their hard-earned money.We're not just about numbers and cents. We're about empowering individuals, families, and communities. We're about responsible behaviour and foresight. And ultimately, we're about a better, more secure future for all Malaysians.

So, join us on this journey to elevate your financial literacy, safeguard your finances, and secure your future.

Why are we doing this?
Malaysia’s financial literacy score stands at 36% where as Singapore stands at 56%
1 out 5 working adults in Malaysia do not have savings more than 6 months in their account
Over 52% of Malaysian do not have an emergency savings, some don’t even have RM1000
In 2022, 290,000+ Malaysians declared bankcrupt with 70% of them below 45. That is worrying
Our partners
We collaborate with universities to integrate financial literacy into curricula, fostering the next generation of financially savvy individuals.
Sponsor Bodies (Govt Agencies & Corporates)
We partner with government agencies and corporations, providing them tools to educate and empower their communities and employees with financial literacy.
Financial Institutions
We work with financial institutions to promote responsible financial behavior, educating their customers and enhancing the overall financial landscape.

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